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Laundry is the one of those “never-ending” chores that never seems to get finished completely…ok…maybe for an hour. But for every person in your home, the amount of laundry you have to do increases exponentially. Every day that passes produces one more pair of pants to fold, shirt to iron or socks to wash. This never-ending cycle of cleaning and organizing is important to keep your family happy and your clothes looking their best. But throw a dryer that doesn’t dry into the mix and you’ll hear the inevitable: “Mommmmm!!!”

When this happens to you - don’t hesitate to contact the Professionals at Premium Appliance Repair. For over six years and counting, we’ve helped home and business owners alike keep their clothes clean and dry with their dryers operating properly and consistently.

Here are some of the most common issues you might experience with your dryers:

  • Spots on clothes
  • Clothes torn or ripped
  • Lint Buildup inside the dryer
  • Dryer doesn’t heat
  • Dryer doesn’t tumble
  • Dryer vent repair / service
At Premium Appliance Repair we guarantee same-day service and offer extended hours to work around your busy or “unpredictable” schedule. We understand you can’t plan a breakdown with your dryer. That’s why our Certified Repair Technicians are educated in the repair of all major brands and models and can be dispatched at a moment’s notice. As part of our dedication to Customer Service, we provide each customer with a full price quote before we ever begin work, assuring you you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for.

Call the qualified repair team…The Professionals at Premium Appliance Repair!

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