Premium Stove & Oven Repair Services Wheaton

Stoves and Ovens are one of the main appliances in any home or business primarily used for cooking. Think of the mouth-watering aroma of your turkey roasting on Thanksgiving or the fragrance of fresh chocolate chip cookies baking as you patiently wait. But when your oven is on the fritz….these tantalizing images can be up-in-smoke…sometimes literally!

Enter Wheaton Repair! For years now, our qualified team of Technical Repair Servicemen has been “saving your dinners” and doing what it takes to get your cooking appliances up and running. Whether it be a gas stove and oven combination, a smoke-free cook-top or electric computerized double oven, Wheaton Repair is “in-the-know” about the technology and service your appliance needs!

Technology rapidly evolves with appliances of any type. Our Service Team prides itself in continuing education to properly repair and service the most recent advances in home cooking, whether it be stoves, ovens, microwaves or cook tops. Rest assured our Team is educated and highly qualified to service the newest computerized cooking devices and be sure your meal is cooked to order!

Here are some common problems that occur with Stoves and Ovens:

  • Bake or broil does not heat
  • Burner does not come on
  • Display not working
  • Oven door not unlocking
  • Oven not self-cleaning
  • Oven preheating slower than usual
There are a host of other problems that can occur with your stove or oven. Even if your problem is not listed above, our highly trained Technicians at Wheaton Repair will help you fix any issue in Wheaton.

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